Trash 2 v2.05 / v2.05d WiN MacOSX

WiN: Team R2R | 02 May 2017 | v2.05 | 36.16 MB
MacOSX: | CASHMERE | 06 August 2018 | 79 MB

Trash 2 is a multi-purpose audio distortion processor, which can be effectively applied to guitars, basses, drums, vocals, synths, woodwinds, pads, brass, and more. Trash goes beyond a typical “guitar amp simulator” effect. With the Trash2 module’s 60+ distortion algorithms you can easy distort audio in ways you never dreamed! Perfect for transforming your sound into something never before heard!
iZotope released the original Trash plugin in back in 2003, and it was marketed as a multi-band distortion tool. The new version, nearly 10 years in the making, is less an update, and more a complete overhaul based on that same general theme of complete audio annihilation.
More than 60 custom distortion algorithms are mimic everything from tape, tubes and fuzzboxes to AM breakup and the satisfying bit-smashing of a Nintendo Gameboy.
iZotope Trash 2, which you can download on, comes bundled with a huge library of distortion and saturation effects. The distortion is actually split into two stages inside the Trash tab, opening the door to some squashed and brutal sounds. It’s also possible to create multi-band distortion, selecting up to four frequency bands then creating individual distortion effects for each frequency range. Trash’s distortion options are extensive and sound excellent, making it easy to create completely new sounds that are surprisingly useable and exciting.
With a new, customizable, multiband Waveshaper you can design your own unique distortions, from massive to mild and everything in between. Find a new voice: make your audio speak and growl with two redesigned Filter modules, each one featuring new vowel formant filters, node modulations, screaming peaks and more. Your tracks can inhabit any space or object with the newConvolve module. Choose from over 100 impulse responses or load your own to put your bass in a washing machine or your keys in a cave.
Start trashing your audio immediately with an extensive new preset library and an ear-friendly Limiter that ensures you can play without fear.

Multiband Trash Module

The heart of Trash is its dual-stage multiband waveshaping distortion – allowing you to chain pairs of distortions together for sonic manipulation. Split the signal into multiple bands and apply distortion independently to individual frequencies, each with their own custom waveshape. Use the new Waveform Trace to see exactly how you’re mangling your waveforms in real time, and DC offset filtering to keep them centered and on track.

Filter Modules

Trash 2 by iZotope gives you two new redesigned Filter modules to drive the frequencies you want into distortion or tame the ones you don’t want. Shape the tone and make it your own with re-engineered Filter shapes and new Vowel Filters.

Convolve Module

Trash 2 features extremely realistic amp, device, cabinet, effect and speaker convolution modeling, freeing you to place your audio into another space (or object) entirely. Choose from classics, combos, boutique models, and stacks, or play with creative synthetic impulses from a number of different sources. With the Convolve module, you can teleport your sound wherever you please by loading in your own audio files. Over 100 redesigned Impulse Responses, each one capturing the audio characteristics of another space or object, are waiting for you.

Multiband Dynamics Module

To get the most out of your tracks, Trash 2 includes a multiband Compressor and Noise Gate to squash the peaks, add grit and character, silence the noise, or draw out sustain.

Delay Module

Experiment with 6 different delay types: Tape, Tape/Tube, Analog, Lo-fi Digital, Broken Bit, and Digital.
Trash your audio quickly with over 300 new presets for both wild and subtle audio mangling.

Trash 2 Expansions

You can Increase your distortion potential with new presets and impulses in iZotope’s versatile Expansion Packs, each designed for exclusive with Trash 2.

Plug-in host compatibility:

Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts like Pro Tools 7.4+, Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio, GarageBand, Logic, SONAR, ACID, Vegas, Ableton Live, and many more.

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