Transient Master FX v1.3.1 WiN MAC R2R

Team R2R | 07 Aug 2016 | WiN: 85.3 MB | MAC: 40.5 MB

MEET YOUR MASTER: Must-have dynamics effect. Enhance attack, control mix presence, fix problem recordings — the secret spice in your mix.

– Bring sounds from the back of the mix to the front
– Enhance attack on drums and percussion
– Fix muddy recordings, or reduce reverb

Based on a studio favorite, TRANSIENT MASTER is a must-have dynamics effect — uniquely powerful, deceptively simple and extremely useful. It’s the go-to tool for positioning drums and percussion, letting you mix from front to back and dial-in just the right amount of space.

TRANSIENT MASTER is also a mix-fix for problematic recordings and with only three knobs — Attack, Sustain and Gain — it’s quick and easy to use. Shape your sound, and make TRANSIENT MASTER the secret spice in your mix.

TRANSIENT MASTER runs as a stand-alone plug-in within your host software.

–  Added Touch Screen Mode
–  Fixed jumpy controls on 2nd screen and scaled HiDPI displays
–  Fixed crash when undoing instantiation in Maschine 2
–  Fixed crash in Wavelab on prelisten batch processing (requires current Wavelab update)
–  Fixed preset name error handling
–  Fixed A/B switch behavior in multiple instances
–  Fixed preset change indication after reload of project
–  Fixed parameter reset when controlled w/ AVID and SSL controllers
–  Fixed AAX parameter mapping on AVID and SSL controllers
–  Fixed potential crash when selecting plug-in on Command|8 control surface

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