Thimeo Stereo Tool v9.02 (Winamp DSP + Presets)

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Stereo Tool is a plugin that can be used to influence the sound of audio recordings. It can make recordings sound equal and consistent in volume and sound color, bring out the details, and increase existing stereo effects. Because the processed audio makes better use of the available equipment, it often sounds better and richer and richer than the original – more details can be heard. Stereo widening is provided to further improve the listening experience.
Changes : v9
Bug fix: VST drawing area size was incorrect, could overwrite host window. (caused by version 9.00)
Bug fix: 32 bit VST client in 64 bit host: Blank unresponsive window occurred on closing. (caused by version 9.00)
Bug fix: Several filters (AGC, compressors) could get stuck for a long time at very low levels after changing the Quality slider above 100%.
Bug fix: Non-FM relative output level and Multipath/Mono bass settings in Advanced Clipper were saved as part of FM settings instead of Clipper settings.
Bug fix: Automatically hidden warning windows (too much noise reduction, too little AGC action, too low audio level) left a mess on the screen.
Bug fix: FM sound card calibration (deprecated) does not work when “Ignore high frequencies” is enabled, now disabled in that mode.
Bug fix: WatchCat version number was wrong (1.2.0 BETA 2 instead of 1.2.0).
GUI: Warning windows no longer appear when playing silence.
GUI: Warning windows disappear faster when the problem is gone, they only appear if the problem is there on both short and long term.
Auto EQ/Bass EQ: Changed default value for Relative Kick Speed from 0.25 to 1.00.
VST: Window size increased, no need anymore to support small monitors so it’s now 1500×843.
Added initial JSON web server support.
Updated presets.

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