The Saxophone KONTAKT

The Saxophone KONTAKT


This is a very beautiful SAXOPHONE kontakt instrument, notes sound real also when you wright the notes manually.

The saxophone is sampled for 2 octaves from D3 to D#5. And the netes are extended to B5 and G2.

There are 3 velocity layers of on the notes without vibrato.

There are 2 velocity layers on the vibrato notes.

And there are 5 note lengths on the articulations:

LONG , 1/2 , 1/4 , 1/8 ,1/16 .

On the no-vibrato the note length set the time the note can be played

That means 1/4 note will stop playing after 1/4 of a bar and note will have a real decay.

And on vibrato 1/4 note is the time it takes the vibrato to start. so, the note will play no vibrato for ¼ of a bar and then the rest of the note will have a vibrato.

You can listen for examples for the SAXOPHONE here below.

All instrument has a requirement for kontakt full 6.5.3 and above!


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