Studio 88 Piano – Voice Bank for Yamaha

Studio 88 Piano – Voice Bank for Yamaha

W2A W3A | 14.30 MB

The piano sampled for this soundbank was a Yamaha 6’1″ Disklavier Mark III. Eleven inches shorter than a standard 7 foot grand, and 1 foot 1 inch longer than a standard baby grand piano, the Disklavier Mark III has a warm, solid, tight sound, good for a wide variety of musical applications from classical, jazz, and easy listening to pop, rock, and country. It’s sound is by no means a huge thundering one comparable to a 9 foot or 14 foot Steinway or Bosendorfer, however, because of its unique size it does not overpower a small room, which makes it an ideal recording piano as well.

There are 32 voices in the bank. The last 8 are complimentary keyboard voices – the two harpsicords and the vibraphone from the “Virtual Grand” collections, a Wurli, Rhodes, Clav, and two B3 organs.

No sample re-tuning was done, so natural pitch is preserved, which results in more realistic sound when chords are played.


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