Stil vor Talent x PML Artist Pack Vol.1 – Cioz WAV Ableton Racks

PML Artist Pack Vol.1 WAV Racks

28 April 2022 | 529 MB

Professionally recorded and mixed one shots and loops! This pack is all about creating grooves that let people dance.

If you have ever seen him play his own songs live you have felt his energetic, positive and good hearted spirit.

In his first pack ever he was able to capture that fluffy, groovy feeling in over 210 loops. You will instantly want to start a track. All loops are set to 122BPM and all melodic / harmonic loops are in A Minor: everything matches with everything for endless creativity!

The included “Big Drum Rack” is Cioz finest selection of samples all built into one single tool – with everything perfectly compressed, EQed & side chained plus creative FX for playing live and fast production. You get Cioz’s complete workflow!

What You Are Getting
• 210+ Percussive & Melodic Loops
• 100+ One Shots with natural feel
• Big Drum Rack
• 7 Ableton Only Sound Design Tools


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