SpeakerPhone Content Library Addon

Library | 2.77GB

All the walkie-talkies, distant transistor radios, upstairs TV sets, bullhorns, cell phones and guitar cabinets you will ever need. Speakerphone (a plug-in for MacOS and Windows) will add dial tones, operator, static, and you can select from a wealth of ambiences on either the caller or receiver’s end.

400 speaker impulse responses, 23 microphones, 106 ‘Covers’ (from blankets to car trunks), 53 Altiverb rooms and outdoor spaces, 5 gigabyte of ambiences and sound FX, and 12 DSP modules from Leslie to GSM compression, conveniently presented to you in well over 500 presets.

Take the tour by watching the video here or scroll down for some audio examples.

Tested with the latest AiR Release (v1.03). 100% Working.
Decompress, burn/mount and install.


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