SIVA Plugz Bundle v1.0.2 WiN

SIVA Plugz Bundle v1.0.2 WiN

05 February 2023 | WiN: 37.7 MB

SIVA Plugz are virtual analogue effects plugins for digital audio workstations
Each effect is a full component by component simulation of the original circuit. Simulating every circuit node means the effects produce the most authentic tone and distortion characteristics across the full range of control settings and guitar or bass volume.

Bucks ’68
50W British two input head with buffered tone stack produced from the late ’60s

Bucks ’76
Stacked input stages for high gain master volume 50W

Kent ’61
30W British amp with Top Boost modification

London ’71
120W output stage with cathodyne phase inverter and filtered presence control

Fullerton ’55
Two input class AB output stage produced from ’55 to ’60

Fullerton ’57
Single input class A output stage produced from ’57 to ’60

Fullerton ’61
Two input long tail pair phase inverter and bias wiggle tremolo produced from ’61 to ’63

Fullerton ’63
Tremolo model produced from ’63 to ’67

Bucks Bass ’67
100W British bass amp using four EL34 power valves

Linden NJ ’69
Bass amp with 300W output stage, cathodyne phase inverter followed by pentode gate driver stages

Van Nuys CA ’71
Solid state bass amp featuring separate head and powered cabinet


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