Shifted Music Production Course TUTORiAL

Shifted Music Production Course TUTORiAL

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Iconic Avian label boss Shifted lands on Home of Sound with his new course on production. Based on requests from Home of Sound community, we created a course covering the most requested topics divided into three modules:

[extra] Free Content – Interview with Shifted about Avian and running a label
• Module 1 – Initial patch breakdown, modular sound design, tracking stems via outboard
• Module 2 – Modulation in DAW, building upon recorded material
• Module 3 – Arrangement tricks, using FX to make atmospheric sounds from scratch, basic arrangement of sounds and modulation

What you get: 

This course is meant to illustrate principles and provide practical tips and demonstrations on producing one track from start to finish. The process follows the real process that Shifted himself applies in the studio, matured over the course of over one decade of work and explain the artist’s own approach in creating music.

Videos recorded in HQ. And once you get access, you can take the course in your own time and rewatch it as many times as you want.

Who is this for? 

All the modules cater to intermediate to professional producers, but made to be easily followed by a beginner audience as well.

Which tools are used?

Throughout the course, the artist heavily uses Ableton and hardware machines (hardware mainly in module 1). The explanations are structured in a way that principles are usable by any producers even by those who don’t possess or use the same machines and by those who work only in the box.

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