Shamanic Voices For Pigments

Shamanic Voices For Pigments

Presets .pgtx | 205 MB

We felt we needed to use all of Pigments potential. In order to do so, we collaborated with a brilliant vocalist who’s most known as Swa Swally.

You would ask ‘‘Why are these presets Shamanic? Am I going to accidentally open a portal inside my studio?’’

Don’t worry, you won’t turn your studio into a spiritual highway that connects to the spirit world…

But if you’ve ever seen Swa Swally perform, no explanation would be needed about the ‘‘Shamanic’’ aspect of these sounds. Swa takes the vocal performance to a mystic level and we worked hard to capture that into an incredible preset bank.

We are more than proud to present this bank which we humbly think is a unique take on Pigments granular potential.

Although most of the presets use Swa Swally’s voice, we added some FX, atmospheres and instruments in the lot to make sure you get all tools needed to inject a unique flavor in your music.

This pack contains:

29 Shamanic Voice Drones

24 Shamanic Melodies

21 Tribal Chants

15 Shamanic FX

9 Shamanic Soundscapes

2 Instruments

Start summoning hidden dimensions in your music

★ This sound bank requires Pigment version and higher to run


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