Regenerator – Voice Bank for use with the PLG150-AN

Regenerator – Voice Bank

Yamaha MOTIF Classic & Rack / MOTIF ES & Rack | 907 KB

128 Voices designed to work specifically with Yamaha’s PLG150-AN , the Analog Physical Modeling Plug-In Board. Every voice is easily tweaked either tonally, modulation-wise, or effect wise by simply adjusting Motif’s various controllers.

Unlike the internal voices which rely on sample playback, the voices in Regenerator utilize the PLG-150AN’s “Virtual Analog” synthesizer engine. This synth engine is not only capable of emulating the great analog synth sounds of yesteryear, it is also capable of producing FM (Frequency Modulation) sounds – the type of synthesis used by Yamaha’s DX7 synth.

Even with 128 voices in total, it’s impossible to duplicate every factory sound from every vintage or current VA synth made. This is where the controller assignments for Motif and the S90 come in. For every voice, turning the assignable knobs, moving the Mod Wheel or Pitch Bend wheel (and on the ES, playing the ribbon controller) produces some kind of result, either tonally, modulation-wise, or effect wise. In a lot of voices controller effects are quite extreme. In addition, using the knobs to control filter and cutoff and attack and release is always an option, as is tempo control of the arpeggio where implemented. With the controllers, you can literally turn one voice into any number of variations.

*You must have Yamaha’s PLG150-AN, the Analog Physical Modeling Plug-In Board in order to use this Voice Bank.

Xeraser’s notes: works in any MOTIF that accepts PLG cards – MIGHT also work in the S90 and S90 ES.


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