Recording Limited Drone Emporium WAV-FANTASTiC

Recording Limited Drone Emporium WAV

FANTASTiC | 18 October 2022 | 649 MB

Drone Emporium Welcome the Drone Emporium. In thIs Native Instruments sound pack you will find a collection of Dark ambient constantly evolving drone notes. Each sample at each pitch is a unique performance & recording . They are presented as chromatic recordings from C1 (midi note 36) to C2 (midi note 48 ).

None have been digitally transposed, stretched or looped, they all decay naturally . This method results in each file having its own discrete tone and timbre. In each note there will be some subtle sonic differences from the preceding note and in others a more noticeable difference . This is a natural effect of the various analog and modular hardware synthesisers used, as well as the various filters and delays and reverbs that were incorporated into the sounds as part of the whole recording process .

Each set consists of a number of different sound textures mixed together, this creates the delicate tonal and stereo movement in the Drone. This process allows, what is essentially a single note, creates an interesting timbre throughout the samples duration until its end or decay.

They are all long recordings allowing you to loop any section you prefer or even truncate according to your exact requirements. Those of you with modular setups could also use these samples as RAW Oscillator sound sources and further glitch, distort, filter and tweak them. As each file is unique you can blend files from different sample sets together to create your own unique custom tone mix. This further opens up the idea of using multiple notes to create drone chord beds ( highlighted in my little demo included in the pack) Let your own imagination run wild. For those of you who use Native instruments StrayLight you can drag and drop any of these drone files into the SAMPLE or GRAIN slot of the performance interface , they work really well, in fact I’ve created some wonderful patches of my own using these very samples !


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