Pulse (Yamaha Motif XS-XF-Montage-MODX) X0A

Pulse (Yamaha Motif )

X0A | 280.78 KB

The most comprehensive bass library for the Motif XS! Expressive, analog synth basses including Moog and Prophet 5 emulations, Cutting and percussive digital synth basses from classic synths like the Yamaha TX81z FM synth module, the Casio CZ-101 digital synth, sizzling TB-303 “acid” basses, funky r&b synth basses, kick basses, and an entire section of sequencer basses.

Electric basses include fingered, slapped and thumb/popped, muted pick, open pick, and unique “fret-buzz” fingered and picked basses. Acoustic basses include warm, resonating uprights as well as Ovation and Martin acoustic “guitar” basses.

To compliment “Vintage Keys” for the XS, “Pulse” for the XS, now features a wide variety of new “vintage” electric basses including the “Yes” Rickenbacker,“Cream” Gibson EB3, “Who” Alembic Explorer/Sunn Coliseum combo, Hofner “Beatle” bass and more.

The library finishes off with a collection of orchestral basss sounds, pipe organ basses, and keyboard basses (mellotron contrabass, Hammond B3 and Crumar organ basses, and Rhodes and clavinet basses) and a set of lo drones and ominous soundscapes for film and tv soundtracks, chillout, ambient, and downtempo music.


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