Podcast & Audiobook Home Audio Production & Audio Editing TUTORiAL

Home Audio Production & Audio Editing TUTORiAL

P2P | 27 February 2023 | 839 MB

Home audio editing and production: produce good clean audio at home. Create amazing audio in the comfort of your own home. Turn your bedroom or any room for that matter into a recording studio.

If you want to produce amazing sound but donÆt have access to a professional sound studio then this course is for you! This course is all you need to get started whether youÆre creating a podcast or doing an audiobook narration. In fact this course will help you produce good clean audio for any project which requires sound.

This course is especially designed for beginners who are just getting started. WeÆll start with equipment choice, how setup your gear, how to setup your recording space, how to record, and finally how edit your audio.

With 3-5 mins video lectures, youÆll get easy to understand information you could apply right away! No fluff or any overly complicated info. We just focus on what really matters: producing amazing audio at home!

I produced this course with the utmost care, taking experience from my previous courses and feedback from my students. So, IÆm confident youÆll like this course!

This audio production course is all you need to create amazing audio for your podcast or audiobook in the comfort of your own home!



Turn any room into a recording studio.
Eliminate or reduce noise.
Eliminate or reduce reverb.
Choose the best audio equipment.
Setup your recording gear.
Edit audio.


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