PitchRight v1.02-BEAT

PitchRight v1.02-BEAT

BEAT | 13 January 2004 | WinALL | 1,4 MB

The PITCHRIGHT VST plug-in is a real-time pitch corrector with virtually zero

If the performance is generally satisfactory, you can select which notes will be
processed and brought into tune using the keyboard graphic shown on the left of
the panel – by clicking on notes on the keyboard, you can select which notes
will and will not be processed. You can also use a series of preset scales to
assist with this and given the real-time performance of the processor, you can
switch between these ‘on-the-fly’ using either the panel switches or ‘hotkeys’
on your Mac/PC keyboard.

The RATIO, SMOOTHING and CALIBRATE parameters allow you to control how the
pirtch correction will be applied and the effect can be anything from subtle to
robotic. The effect can be temporarily disabled using the INHIBIT key.

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