Phaser v1.1.2 Incl Emulator-R2R

Phaser v1.1.2 Emulator-R2R

Team R2R | 27 Jan 2023 | 5.5 MB

More subtle than flanging and more colourful than chorus, phasing has long been a go-to effect for guitarists, keyboardists, vocalists and bassists who want to inject a touch of other-worldly character into their sound. No effects collection is complete without a phaser!

BLEASS Phaser delivers a comprehensive and highly versatile phasing effect. Whether you’re looking for gentle movement, resonant swirls, or stunning atmospheric soundscapes, BLEASS Phaser can do it all.

The plugin’s interface is dominated by a colourful and captivating visualisation that illustrates the notch frequencies that create the phasing effect. This detailed and intuitive display, coupled with BLEASS’ trademark tactile interface design, demystifies the entire phasing process, and makes working with BLEASS Phaser a joy.

Phasers use all-pass filters to create frequency-specific phase changes within a sound. When this sound is overlaid on the original unprocessed sound, it creates notch filters at the cutoff frequencies of the all-pass filters. By using multiple all-pass filters, with frequencies that spread from a “centre” frequency determined by the first all-pass filter, a complex comb filtering effect is generated. Adding modulation to the filter frequencies leads to the characteristic sweeping, whooshing sound that phasing is known for.

BLEASS Phaser has two LFO modulation sources. The first modulates the notch filter cutoff frequencies, the second modulates the spread of notch frequencies around the initial centre frequency. This allows the plugin to create classic repetitive phasing effects, as well as complex, ever-shifting notch patterns that add tons of sonic interest to a part.

With BLEASS Phaser in your collection, you will never need another phaser!


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