Nexus 3 Expansion EDM Voices 2 Expansion

Nexus 3 Expansion EDM Voices 2

29th Aug 2022 | 1.9 GB

Give it up for vocals! EDM Voices 1 absolutely blew up the dance charts, and round two promises to do the same!
Designed especially for EDM, Dubstep and House producers, EDM Voices 2 will give them something to shout about! With more than 140 presets, including vocal phrases, chops, vocoder samples and shouts, this series of imaginative and provocative sounds will take your productions to the next level and pack them full of personality!

All vocals are multisampled in each key, and all melodic phrases will automatically adapt to your song’s tempo. It has never been easier to integrate inspiring vocals into your tracks, so grab this expansion pack today, get vocal with it, and go tear up those dance charts again!

XP EDM Voices 2 141 presets

ARBackground Cutz 1
ARBackground Cutz 2
ARChopped Baby
ARChopped Up 1
ARChopped Up 2
ARChopped Up 3
ARChopped Up 4
ARChopped Up 5
ARDeep Inside 120BPM
ARDeep Inside Poly 120BPM
ARDont Stop
ARFemale Vocal Chops 1
ARFemale Vocal Chops 2
ARFemale Vocal Chops 3
ARFemale Vocal Chops 4
ARFemale Vocal Chops 5
ARGated Chops
ARHeart on fire 120BPM
ARHelium Voices
ARI want you
ARLow Formant Cutz
ARMoombah Voice
ARNever Let me go 120BPM
AROne More Time
ARRandom Vowel Arp
ARShow me love 120BPM
ARTalkbox 1
ARTalkbox 2
ARTalkbox 3
ARTalkbox 4
ARTouch me
ARTrap Voice
ARUuh Yeah 90 BPM
BADubstep Growl 1
BADubstep Growl 2
BADubstep Growl 3
BAGrowler 1
BAGrowler 2
BAHard Voice
LDBright EDM
LDCommercial Voice 1
LDCommercial Voice 2
LDCommercial Voice 3
LDCommercial Voice 4
LDFeedback 1
LDFeedback 2
LDFollow me
LDHigh Choir
LDMelbourne LD 1
LDMelbourne LD 2
LDMelbourne LD 3
LDMelbourne LD 4
LDMelbourne LD 5
LDMelbourne LD 6
LDPop Cloud
LDTropical Voice
LDUuuh Yeah
PDBig Stacked Vocals 1
PDBig Stacked Vocals 2
PDFemale Aaah Choir
PDFemale Ouuh Choir
PDFemale Uuuh Choir
PDSmall Choir
PLDance to Me
PLVoice Pluck 1
PLVoice Pluck 2
PLVoice Pluck 3
PLVoice Pluck 4
PLVoice Pluck 5
PLVoice Pluck 6
SQBreak Split 1
SQBreak Split 2
SQBreak Split 3
SQBreak Split 4
SQChill House
SQDubstep 1
SQDubstep 2
SQEverybody Movin
SQFunky House 1
SQFunky House 2
SQFunky House 3
SQFunky House 4
SQFuture Bass 1
SQFuture Bass 2
SQFuture Bass 3 140BPM
SQFuture Bass 4 128BPM
SQFuture Bass 5 80BPM
SQFuture Bass 6 140BPM
SQFuture House
SQGarage Destroyer
SQMoombah 1
SQMoombah 2
SQPiano House
SQPop House 1
SQPop House 2
SQPop House 3
SQPop House 4
SQPop Style 1
SQPop Style 2
SQPop Style 3
SQPop Style 4
SQSlow Dance 1 100BPM
SQSlow Dance 2 100BPM
SQTrap 1
SQTrap 2
SQTrap 3
SQTrap 4
SQTropical 1
SQTropical 2
SQTropical 3
SQTropical 4
SQTropical 5
SQTropical 6
SQVocoder Vocals 1
SQVocoder Vocals 2
SQVocoder Vocals 3
SYVoco Daa Doo
SYVocoder Split 1
SYVocoder Split 2
SYVocoder Split 3
SYVoice 1
SYVoice 2
SYVoice 3
TGGated Aaah
TGGated Chords
VOPop Choir Aah-Uuhh MW
VOPop Choir Ooh-Mmm MW


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