Neo Future for DIVA

Neo Future for DIVA

Presets | 2.19 MB

Neo Future as been designed to be a worthy successor of our acclaimed sets Nexus 49 and DystopiArtz for Diva.

NEO FUTURE is , de Facto, a « Vangelistic, cinematic, electronic, synthwave Cyberpunk » bank of sounds for those who loves the bladerunnerish, dystopic futuristic ambience.

We do hope that you’ll like this set as much as we did when we built it…

F E A T U R E S:

There are 151 patches in DIVA – NEO FUTURE:

13 AR (Arpeggiators)
18 BL (Basses lines)
6 BS (Basses)
3 CD (Chords)
2 DO (Downers),
16 FX (Effects)
6 KY (keys)
11 LD (Leads)
7 PD (Pads)
15 PL (Pulses)
2 RI (Risers)
9 RY (Rhythms)
12 SC (Soundscapes)
20 SQ (Sequences)
10 SY (Synths).
+ one extra patch from the Nexus 49 set ( Famous Blade Runner Drum)

The modwheel, the velocity or the aftertouch have an action on every patch for subtle or drastic changes on the sounds.

You’ll need version 1.4.3 of DIVA to be sure to fully enjoy this soundbank.


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