Nebula Libraries CADPAN V2 Panner and Volume

Nebula Libraries CADPAN V2

169 MB

Detailed dedicated Panner and Volume. Plus Extra Bonus experimental auto-Panner presets with speed, Pan (offset), dry and Volume.

About the hardware

CadPan Is based on an 80’s British Console. These Consoles are known for premium quality.

Graph showing unique frequency Cross talk at -75db

cadpans panner and volume are both sampled within the emulation, carefully deconvolved with harmonics. This vol/pan is a single channel line within the console capturing its interaction with the master bus.

Special Auto Presets

The auto presets come with 3 different shapes, Sine, Triangle and Square. You can adjust the speed up to between 1hz to 24Hz. Also change the offset and change depth with a dry control.

Dedicated N4 and N3 skin by JPN

Note- using Square may need extra Liquidty to get rid of artifacts from abrupt changes.


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