Natural, Artificial and Pinched Harmonics, Guitar Course TUTORiAL

Natural, Harmonics, Guitar TUTORiAL

P2P | 27 May 2022 | 674 MB

In today’s course, I’ll show you how to play the three different types of harmonics. Pinched, Artificial and Natural. These are the three different types of harmonics that you can play on the guitar. You can learn to play artificial harmonics using chord shapes, tune a guitar using natural harmonics and make your solos sound super cool with pinched harmonics.

Pre requirement
Pre requirements are that you need to know your open chord positions and be familiar with the pentatonic scale with the root note starting on string six. You’ll learn how to apply the natural, artificial and pinched harmonics into your guitar knowledge and guitar playing.

There are three sections to this course. In order you’ll learn Natural, Artificial and Pinched harmonic.

About Alex
Alex Teaches locally in Milton Keynes. I’ve created this informative / structured video to help you with your guitar techniques. You’ll be able to play natural harmonics and artificial harmonics on the acoustic guitar but the pinched harmonic will be difficult because you’re not using distortion.

You can book a lesson online.
If you’re interested, you can also book a Live guitar lesson online using the same multi – cam and audio which is in the video. Feel free to book an introduction lesson to accompany this video.

You can find my website here at mkguitartuition com where you can also request a bespoke guitar tutorial

What you’ll learn

•Pinched Harmnoics
•Artificial Harmonics
•Natural Harmonics
•Chord Harmonics


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