Music Production Masterclass Write Songs TUTORiAL

Music Production Masterclass TUTORiAL

English + srt | MP4 | 1280×720 | Duration (12h) |  8 GB

Learn Music Production, Make Chords, Mix Vocals, Create A Full Slap House Song Serum Alternative: Vital Synthesizer

What you’ll learn
Learn how to setup and navigate around all versions of FL Studio comfortably
Work Quickly and efficiently in FL Studio
Learn how to build your own track from nothing
Understand mixing and mastering to help you make your songs sound professional
Work with Vital: The Free Alternative of Serum VST
Make multiple tracks from start to finish
Song Writing + Chord Progressions
Music Theory Essentials

A Working Pc, laptop, iMac or MacBook
Any version of FL Studio

This class is for anyone who’d like to produce music.
You’ll learn everything you need to master FL Studio, including writing songs with vocals, using Vital VST, mixing and mastering.
You’ll also learn how to
Use this knowledge on Logic Pro X and Ableton Live
Writing melodies using Vital
And finally, use advanced techniques in FL Studio, to make your music loud and clean
All you need is a working pair or headphones (or earphones), and a computer with a copy of FL Studio. Remember, it’s all about getting your first song done, practice mixing, and enjoy the process.


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