MRSH 412 MV30-Dual IRs

MRSH 412 MV30-Dual IRs

IRS / Wav| 59.3 MB

The York Audio MRSH 412 MV30-Dual Cab Pack is based on a 1999 Marshall 1960bv 4×12 cabinet loaded with the original Celestion G12 Vintage speakers. In our search for THE 1960bv, we auditioned four cabinets from various years with different musical journeys.

There was something about this cabinet that had an instantly inspiring personality to it. Normally, we capture the best sounding speaker when making a pack, but this cab had two drastically different sounding speakers with their own unique sonic qualities that made choosing the best speaker nearly impossible… so instead of choosing just one, we had to capture both to truly honor this cabinet.

Overall, the low end is thick and chunky, the midrange is forward with classic British “snarl,” and the top end is surprisingly smooth and airy without the enhanced “fizz” we typically hear in newer versions of this cabinet. The G12 Vintage speaker isn’t your typical “V30.” Its tonal character falls somewhere between a Greenback and a V30 without sounding too much like one or the other with a voice of its own. The two speakers in this pack are labeled “MV30a” and “MV30b.” MV30a has the bigger low end, a more balanced midrange, and an airier top end of the two speakers, while MV30b is tighter in the low end, has more prominent upper midrange, and a slightly tapered top end. Both speakers work well for vintage and modern tones through a wide variety of amps, guitars, and playing styles.

This pack contains 280 Single Mic captures and 56 multi-mic Mixes from each speaker as well as “BLND” speaker blend Mixes for a total of 336 IRs. For fans of a certain “top-hatted guitar hero,” there are two custom Mixes (Mix AFD and Mix UYI) inspired by his signature tone on two classic albums.

All products have been tested with Fractal Audio Systems™, Line 6™, Strymon™, and Kemper™ hardware, as well as DAW plug-ins to ensure seamless integration with your digital modeling units.

Tech specs:
All Cab Packs come in .WAV format in 24-bit 96k, 48k, and 44.1k files.

All IRs are 500ms for maximum resolution. Hardware units that require shorter files will automatically truncate 500ms files to the unit’s preferred length upon import.

Natural Phase and Minimum Phase versions are provided.

Fractal Audio™, Line 6™ Helix, Atomic™ Amplifire, and most IR loading amp modelers utilize 48k files.

Kemper™ units ulitize 44.1k files.

Strymon™ Iridium and BOSS™ units utilizes 96k files.


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