Motif Symphonic Strings (XS-XF-Montage-MODX) X0V

Motif Symphonic Strings

X0V | 232.01 MB

The Symphonic Strings Motif XS/XF library consists of 190 new user voices, utilizing 450 megabytes of authentic string samples. Recorded in the same symphony hall as the Motif’s internal ROM string samples, this collection not only adds new content, but enhances the existing string sections. Very few compromises where made to the sample data allowing for the ultimate realism. Large and small groups of Basses, Celli, Violas, and Violins are included along with Legato, Marcato, Pizzicato, Spiccato, and Major Trills.

Because the file size is 450 megabytes, you will need a Motif XS/XF with a user RAM expanded to at least 512 megabytes. The recordings for this library was produced by sound designer Timothy Swartz of Digital Sound Factory at Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle. The players are members of the Seattle Symphony and were recorded with four pairs of microphone through high quality converters. The sample content was then critiqued for the best performance and then loaded into the Motif?s sample memory. The Motif programming parameters are used to map each section to recreate the most realistic orchestra available in a hardware sampler. The assignable function buttons are used to quickly select various playing styles. This Voice Library requires DIMM memory for the Motif XS, or Flash memory for the Motif XF. 450 megabytes & 190 programs.

Xeraser’s notes: this is the original version of this library, also known as the “Symphonic XString” but as far as I know there is no separate XF version and they just send you the XS version on purchase. It should be compatible with the Montage and MODX too but I can’t test it myself. I’d be happy if you credited me.


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