MONSTER Piano v1.0 WiN MAC

FREE | 29 May 2022 | 1.17 GB

#MonsterPianoVST is a Free Piano VST with various Preset, including Grand Piano, Baby Grand, and Upright Piano.

It covers multi-tone characters, suitable for Pop to Rock, Jazz, Classical, and everything in between.

The size of the sampling is small but still fun to play (I hope so).

The great thing about this VST is that this is never complete. This VST gets a new expansion (preset) sound continuously every now and then so stay tuned for more!

Listen to the sound of 10 Presets of #MonsterPianoVST

Matthijs Helby, a Dutchman in the UK, made this cool EDM tune showcasing Monster Piano. He uses 13 instances of it (2 instances of preset #9 Jewel Piano + 1 of preset #4 Storm Piano + 2 of preset #3 Shack Piano + 8 of preset #6 Frost Piano), even the Bass track is coming from Monster Piano And he uses #MonsterDrumVST Preset #10 Agung’s Futura Kit :

• Simple GUI, no knob. Use your DAW track volume, panning, insert and send FX to sculpture the Piano sound to your taste!
• Very little RAM usage.
• Overall good balance of sampling size and playbility, it’s a small sized VST but still enjoyable to play.
• Every preset is unique because it’s tailored to a broad Piano character.
• A new expansion sounds preset will be release/update regularly every month.
• Major plugin format: Windows 32bit DAW and 64bit DAW, Mac VST, and Mac Audio Unit (AU) so it can be used in the majority of DAWs (If you’re a Pro Tools user, please use BlueCat Patchwork to use this VST in your PT).


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