Magic Ableton Racks Vol 4 (Complete Bundle)

Magic Ableton Racks Vol 4

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AHEE’s Legendary Magic Racks have helped thousands of producers achieve quality mixes, sound design with a few simple clicks. This new generation of Ableton Racks go beyond the previous volumes by focusing on the new abilities in Ableton 11 & above by integrating presets and extra macros into the racks. There are 20 racks in this pack but with the presets it turns into 271 racks within these 20, truely the final result of AHEE’s ableton wizardry.

MAGIC RACKS VOL 4 includes:

▬ Magic Drum Juice Bundle (50 Presets Total)

AHEE’s Magic Drum Juice (21 Presets)

AHEE’s Hi Hat Dancer (12 Presets)

AHEE’s Magic EQ Dancer (16 Presets)

AHEE’s Magic Tape Stop

▬ Magic Vocal Creatures Bundle (74 Presets Total)

AHEE’s Magic Vocal Creatures (30 Presets)

AHEE’s Vocal Selector (20 Presets)

AHEE’s EQ Vibes (15 Presets)

AHEE’s Reverb Selector (9 Presets)

▬ Magic Bass Monsters Bundle (46 Presets Total)

AHEE’s Magic Bass Monsters (30 Presets)

AHEE’s Magic Trash (16 Presets)

▬ Magic Glitchy Vibes Bundle (101 Presets Total)

AHEE’s Magic Vibes (20 Presets)

AHEE’s Frequency Worm (9 Presets)

AHEE’s Stereo Wiggler (14 Presets)

AHEE’s Bubble Machine (10 Presets)

AHEE’s Resonant Glitches (14 Presets)

AHEE’s Underwater Drip (9 Presets)

AHEE’s Magic Trance Gates (9 Presets)

AHEE’s Filter Styles (5 Presets)

AHEE’s Delay Selector (5 Presets)

AHEE’s Classic FX (6 Presets)

Requires Ableton 11.0.2 Suite or above!


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