Legacy Synths For Cubase 12 & Nuendo 12 TeamCubeadooby

Legacy Synths For Cubase & Nuendo

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Hi everybody. My team has 4 wonderful releases to share with you all. The latest fixes something that even R2R rightfully told of a workaround for that is no longer needed. Wait and see! As for this release, all instruments have full factory presets, tagged originally too. All TeamCubeadooby releases can be mirrored 100% and is encouraged. Any questions or help, it is not a thing! Thank you to the community. In rock.


LoopMash2, Mystic, Prologue and Spector with bonus presets from retNZ for Mystic, Prologue, Spector and Retrologue

This installer installs the legacy synths and presets, including LoopMash2, to Cubase 12 by default. You can also change the installer to place the files anywhere, so, you can also install it to Nuendo 12 program folder as well.

It places files to C:ProgramDataSteinbergContentVST Sound, regardless, also.

1) If you want this to work for both Cubase and Nuendo, install it twice, once for each of their default program folders.

2) When done, double-click on one of these files, so the three new ones register in Steinberg Library Manager:

C:ProgramDataSteinbergContentVST SoundFCP_SMT_004LEGACY_Cubase.vstsound
C:ProgramDataSteinbergContentVST SoundFCP_SMT_005LEGACY_Cubase.vstsound
C:ProgramDataSteinbergContentVST SoundFCP_SMT_009LEGACY_Cubase.vstsound

3) If you installed for only Cubase 12, then go into its VST Sound folder and click on one of the LoopMash files to register them. If you installed for both Cubase 12 and Nuendo 12, you can delete the LoopMash files in the VST Sound folder of one of them, then use Steinberg Library Manager to move the LoopMash files (under Cubase/Nuendo tab) to anywhere you like. In this case, I suggest deleting LoopMash VST Sound files of other Steinberg DAW folders also, as you will not need them there.

Best of luck, rock on and enjoy!

P.S. You can move your Nuendo VST Sound files, FCP_SMT_006_Nuendo.vstsound & FCP_SMT_007_Nuendo.vstsound to C:ProgramDataSteinbergContentVST Sound so all Steinberg DAWs see them – in case you have any issue with that.

Finally, if you STILL have problems seeing presets, uncheck the instrument in the preset browser or MediaBay Factory VST3 presets. Tell it to “keep.” The check will be gone. Now, click again to put the check back.



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