Learn Music Production in FL Studio 20 Step by Step TUTORiAL

Learn Music Production TUTORiAL

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What you’ll learn
How to Record Live Sound
How to Mix your Music
How to Arrange Afro Beat
How to Create AMAPIANO Beat

You need to have a Computer
FL Studio 20 or new installed in your computer
Willing to learn how to create Beats in FL Studio

Start Producing Your Own Music in FL Studio 20

This Class is all about FL Studio 20, a powerful piece of Music Production software.

FL Studio is used by bedroom producers and in professional studios worldwide. Learning how to use this DAW correctly will dramatically improve the quality of your music and the speed you create it!

What is this FL Studio 20 Class all about?

In this class, you will develop a deep understanding of FL Studio 20. You will learn the tools and processes to Create, Record, Edit, Mix, and Master your own music. You’ll learn the beauty and the power of this software that’s used by many professional producers today.

In this class we’ll look at

• The Main Interface of FL Studio

• The Channel Rack

• Creating Patterns in the Step Sequencer

• Arranging in the Playlist

• The Piano Roll and its Features

• Essentials of the Mixer and Routing

• How to Set up your Audio Interface and MIDI Device

• How to Record Audio and MIDI

• Audio Editing

Who this course is for

Anyone who wants to learn FL Studio for fun or to take Music Production more seriously

Those interested in creating their own music or improving their Music Production skills

DJs who want to start producing their own music

Songwriters who want to record in their ideas in FL Studio

Those with basic Music Production knowledge who want to deepen their knowledge of this software

What you’ll learn

Set-up your gear and navigate around FL Studio 20

Record and Edit using FL Studio 20

How to Record Live Sound

How to Mix your Music

How to Arrange Afro Beat

How to Create AMAPIANO Beat

How to Create a HIPHOP beat

How to Clear Vocals

How to select nice amapiano sound

And much more…

Enjoy the class

Thank you

Who this course is for
Every one willing to learn how to create a Beat in FL Studio


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