Learn How To Play Hymns In All 12 Keys On The Piano TUTORiAL

Learn How To Play The Piano TUTORiAL

P2P | 10 July 2022 | 2.97 GB

In this course we will cover two main objectives: 1. Learn how to play popular Christian hymns 2. Learn how to play the piano in all 12 keys. Many piano players have a challenge when it comes to playing in all 12 keys comfortably.

In this course, we take time to break down the most essential chords and progressions in each key on the piano using beautiful hymns that are sung all over the world. The concepts illustrated in this course are not just applicable to hymns but to any other song. We will cover: * The Nashville Number System * Different types of chord progressions like the 2-5-1, 7-3-6, etc. *

Different types of chords from triads to more advanced chords like major sevenths, dominant sevenths, diminished chords. *Application of passing chords when playing * Supporting melodies with chords and inversions etc. After this course you will be fulfilled having gone through all the 12 keys on the piano. The teaching style has been simplified to cater for beginning to intermediate piano players. Hymns used in our illustrations are as follows:Pass Me Not Oh Gentle SaviorIt Is Well With My SoulI Surrender AllNothing But The BloodTis So Sweet To Trust In JesusBlessed Assurance Jesus Is MineMy Jesus I Love TheeGreat Is Thy FaithfulnessBecause He Lives I Can Face TomorrowTurn Your Eyes Upon JesusMy Hope Is BuiltHoly Holy Holy Lord God AlmightyLet’s get right in!

What you’ll learn

•Learn how to play hymns on the piano
•Learn how to play in all 12 keys on the piano
•Know how to apply passing chords when playing songs
•Learn different chord progressions like the 2-5-1, 7-3-6 etc,
•Learn different types of chords from simple triads to more advanced chords
•Understand the Nashville Number System


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