Learn How To Master VocalSynth 2 from iZotope TUTORiAL

09 August 2018 | 170 MB

In this 15 part course you will walkthrough iZotope’s powerfully creative plug-in, VocalSynth 2. Learn how to maximize your experience with VocalSynth 2 and make your vocals stand out.
Led by experienced tutor Echo Sound Works, this course promises to get you up to speed and ready to start creating better vocals with VocalSynth 2 today!
This tutorial series will cover every feature, knob, and slider and show you some great pro tips along the way.
It’s broken up into sections so you can easily navigate around the course as you need.
Watch, Listen and Learn – our easy to follow video instruction shows you exactly how to use iZotope’s VocalSynth 2
Over 100 Minutes of focused video instruction
15 walkthrough videos each demonstrating all the features and functions VocalSynth 2
Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons
Echo Sound Works is one of the lead tutors on the ADSR network.
He is also the sound designer behind the hugely popular sound design label Echo Sound Works as well as a producer in his own right.
With his years of experience as a producer, sound designer and tutor, ESW easily explains often complicated topics in a way that anyone can understand. By reinforcing everything he teaches with real world examples, you will come away fully understanding everything presented to you in this course.
•Part 1 – Overview – This video gives you concise, but useful run down about the plugin and how it processes audio and midi.
•Part 2 – GUI Overview – Learn where every feature and function resides in the GUI.
•Part 3 – Working in Auto Mode – Learn how to leverage the power of the auto mode to quickly get VocalSynth2 in your productions.
•Part 4- Working in MIDI Mode – Learn how to combine the power of VocalSynth 2 with MIDI so you can create chord vocoder loops with ease.
•Part 5 – Working in Sidechain Mode – Learn how to apply VocalSynth2 to other sources besides vocals like guitars and synths.
•Part 6 – Biovox Module – Learn every feature of the Biovox module.
•Part 7 – Vocoder Overview – An in-depth look at the vocoder module.
•Part 8 – Compuvox Overview – Learn how to use the Compuvox to quickly create 80s-inspired vocal sounds.
•Part 9 – Talkbox Overview – This section will show you everything you need to know to efficiently use the Talkbox module in your productions.
•Part 10 – Polyvox Walkthrough – This video will teach you how to use the Polyvox module to formant shift, add character, and create artificial vocal stacks.
•Part 11 – Pitch and Voicing – Learn how to use VocalSynth 2 to pitch correct your vocals and to create harmonies.
•Part 12 – Distortion Effect – Learn every knob, feature, and slider of the Distortion effect.
•Part 13 – Filter Effect – Learn how to use the master filter in VocalSynth 2 to further shape your sounds.
•Part 14 – Transform and Shred – These two effects can really spice up your vocal sounds. Learn how to use them for unique and creative results.
•Part 15 – Delay & Chorus – Add finishing spatial touches to your sounds in VocalSynth 2 with these two effects.

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