Layering to Create Realistic Sound Effects TUTORiAL

06 May 2019 | 483 MB

This course will look at a framework which you can use to layer recordings, library sounds, and synthesized elements together to create impactful and realistic sound effects for film. We will be looking at two kinds of layering, spectral layering, where you layer together sounds with complimentary spectral information, and elemental layering, where you can think about breaking down sounds into their constituent pieces. Finally we’ll look at combining these techniques in order to develop a general approach to creating any sound effect.

Part 1: Layering to Create Realistic Sound Effects

Introduction to the course, discussing the two types of layering that will be addressed, spectral, and elemental.

Part 2: Example Piece

A section of the film Casino Royale, shows some of the example pieces I’ll be using, and the sort of work you can achieve with these techniques

Part 3: Spectral Layering

Spectral layering involves layering together sounds that have complimentary spectral information. Discussion of how you can think about splitting the spectrum, and what sort of sounds can go in each region.

Part 4: Spectral Layering Example – Gunshot

Dissecting a gunshot sound effect to demonstrate the technique, looking at what mid/ high frequency elements go in the sound and how they affect the timbre.

Part 5: Spectral Layering Example – Gunshot pt. 2

Continued from part 4, looking at some of the low mid and bass elements in the sound, and the sorts of samples you can use, also how you might go about synthesizing low frequency information for any kind of sound.

Part 6: Layering by Element

Discussion of layering by element, breaking common sounds down into smaller tangible parts and thinking about what sound each part can make on its own.

Part 7: Combining the Techniques

Most sounds will require a combination of elemental and spectral layering, we look at a more complicated example where this is required.

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