KICK 2 v1.1.5 VSTi AAX x64

KICK 2 v1.1.5 VSTi AAX x64

P2P | 27 January 2023 | 123 MB

KICK 2 is finally here – The Multi Award Winning KICK gets an extensive upgrade for 2016. Easily sculpt, shape, create, manipulate, mangle your way to the perfect kick drum.

No longer do you need to rely on sampled and resampled low quality kick drums in sample packs. With KICK 2 you can easily create a perfectly synthesised kick attuned to your needs.

3 Fully Featured Click Areas

New to KICK 2 are 3 click areas jam packed with features including start time, length control, Low / High Pass Filters and fine pitch adjustment

No longer do you need to manipulate and adjust your clicks before import, simply load them and get started straight away
Drag & Drop Click Loading

Found an audio click that you like? simply drag and drop it straight onto the plugin window to load it directly into your soundbank
External Sample Folder Browsing

Browse your personal sample collection direct from inside the plugin – allowing you to audition all of your favourite samples without having to manually load them in.

(Kick 2 v1.1.5)
• Support for 32-bit binaries has been dropped.
• Added support for VST3.
• Added full compatibility with Apple Silicon.
• Fixed pre-installed compatibility issue between Mac and PC.
• Fixed a bug due to which ALS/ALC was not called on Mac/Ableton Live.
• Fixed a bug due to which the preset name was not loaded if the preset file did not exist on the host computer.
• Fixed a graphical issue with the equalizer when scaling is set to anything other than 100%.
• OPENGL is disabled by default in Big Sur+ to avoid graphical issues.
• Fixed a possible crash when dropping envelopes using the reset button.
• Fixed issue with channel setup on some hosts (especially vst3 – FL Studio).


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