Jazz Guitar Pentatonic Beyond the Blues TUTORiAL

Jazz Guitar Pentatonic TUTORiAL

ADSR | 2 August 2022 | 1.32 GB

How to improvise in a Jazz language with the Pentatonic Scale

Would You Like to Start to Improvise Blues, Pop Songs with a Jazz Language?

The Course Will Show You How to Get Fluency on the Fretboard Through the Pentatonic Scales.

This Course is the First of a Series about being a Master of Guitar.

The Pentatonic Scale is The Most Useful Because it is Easy to Play and Sounds Great.

In the Section One, You Will Practice the Five Shapes of the Major Pentatonic Scale and the Connections Between Everyone.

In the Section Two, You Will See the Principles of Improvisation, How to Develop Your Improvise, and Keep the Listener Interested.

On Section Three, How to Transpose the Scale For Other Keys.

On Section Four, the Relation Between the Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales.
On Section Five, How to Move Through the Fretboard Horizontally, to Improving Your Musical Expression.

On Section Six, You Will Practice Patterns, Studies to Conditioning Your Muscle Memory.

On Section Seven, a Couple of Studies to Improving Your Skills Even More.
On Section Eight, the Blues Structure. Form, Harmony, Melody, and Chords.

On Section Nine, you Will Practice the Blues Scale, and How to Play it Over a Major or Minor Keys.

In Section Ten, Two Advanced Studies to Practice.


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