How To Play Saxophone 2020 TUTORiAL

How To Play Saxophone 2020 TUTORiAL

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Your Step By Step Guide To Playing The Saxophone

What you’ll learn
How To Play Saxophone

How To Play Saxophone

This guide will provide you with knowledge of:- What the saxophone is and how it works- How to maintain and care for your instrument- What music really is and how to create it- How to read music, in both sheet and “skeleton” versions- How to interpret the true intent of the composer- Every aspect of playing the saxophone, from mouth position to posture- How to identify and reciprocate style in music- How to take pieces and put your own life into them- How to play “on the spot:” without composed sheet music or memorization- And much moreThis guide is the manual for saxophone playing, taken from its lofty place and brought to words, thoughts, and processes for the ordinary person. The step from listener to musician is a large one and will take a lot of knowledge and work. This guide will give you the knowledge and basis needed to undertake the task; all you have to supply is the practice.

Section 1: How To Play Saxophone

Lecture 1 Part 1 – Introduction

Lecture 2 Part 2 – Warming Up and Tuning

Lecture 3 Part 3 – Proper Embouchure

Lecture 4 Part 4 – Breath Support

Lecture 5 Part 5 – The Note Chart

Lecture 6 Part 6 – Staff Notation

Lecture 7 Part 7 – Simple Time

Lecture 8 Part 8 – Beaming

Lecture 9 Part 9 – Dynamics

Lecture 10 Part 10 – Repeats

Lecture 11 Part 11 – Disassembling Your Instrument

Lecture 12 Part 12 – Common Issues and Remedies

Lecture 13 Part 13 – Building Blocks of Music

Lecture 14 Part 14 – Intervals

Lecture 15 Part 15 – Chord and Arpeggio Structure

Lecture 16 Part 16 – Improvisation

Lecture 17 Part 17 – Transposing

How To Play Saxophone


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