Gutnishy Islands Sound Pack for Analog Four AFSND SYX

Gutnishy Islands Sound Pack

Sound Pack for Analog Four AFSND SYX | 109 KB

Lose yourself in Gutnishy Islands, an immersive and atmospheric Analog Four Sound Pack created by Cristian Vogel during his residency at the Visby International Centre for Composers. If the 128 sounds – pads, leads, basses, percussive options and more – and their names evoke a sense of location, that is very much the case. The streets of this small charismatic island town in the middle of the Baltic Sea presented Vogel with plenty of inspiration for a sonic soundscape ripe for picking. Places change over time and so do many of these sounds, full of character and adjustment as they unfold. There is a wonderful mix of abstract and atonal, and familiar more straightforward options to work with too, which can be utilized on your own compositions to whatever degree you desire.


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