Future Tech pop SERUM PACK

Future Tech pop SERUM PACK

March 23rd 2022 | SERUM | 270 MB

EDM, Pop, House, Trance, Electro, Dance, Future Bass and Hip-Hop
100 highly-recognizable presets for your upcoming production no one has ever heard before
colorful and stunning sounds that help you stay competitive tomorrow!
this Serum Pack is tailored to push your upcoming production to the next level
beam your track into the future!
122 unique custom built multi-cycle WaveTables as the source code of the presets
innovative and always in high-resolution
pre-assigned macros let you tweak presets in order to find YOUR signature sound… fast and effortlessly… without interrupting the flow… stay in the zone!
transport emotions and inject feelings into your modern pop song
beautiful warm, commercial and chart-ready pop sounds
always radio compatible
no space filler
every sinlge preset is a star!
euphoric and electrifying synth sounds, ready to make your listeners jump up and down
presets that help you get discovered in the crowded, noisy world of music production


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