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FOUNDATION: STRINGS is a collection of free Ableton Live instrument racks that features various string instruments like Cello, Viola, Violin, Contrabass, Psaltery, Concert Harp, Folk Harp, and Strumstick.

Most instruments feature several racks with various articulations like pizzicato, spiccato, tremolo and vibrato.

You can hear these instrument racks (raw version) in our latest cinematic templates and they performed very well. They sound quite good either solo or layered with other instruments.

We also included 15 additional non-orchestral instrument racks designed to extend the range of tones and applications.

What’s inside?

• Cello – pizzicato rack, spiccato rack, sustain rack with vibrato / tremolo keyswitch.
• Viola – pizzicato rack, spiccato rack, sustain rack with vibrato / tremolo keyswitch.
• Violin – pizzicato rack, spiccato rack, sustain rack with vibrato / tremolo keyswitch.
• Contrabass – pizzicato rack, spiccato rack, sustain rack with normal / vibrato / tremolo keyswitch.
• Psaltery – old stringed instrument that dates from around the 11th century A.D. Articulations: longbow rack, pluck rack, spiccato rack.
• Concert Harp – classic pedal harp that works great in any genre, from orchestral music to pop and hip hop.
• Folk Harp – smaller harp with a bit different character and sound.
• Strumstick – three-stringed instrument that sounds a bit like a banjo and a bit like a guitar. Also called dulcitar or dulcimer.
• Deep Inside – deep and full mixture of contrabass and cello.
• Hybrid Harp – mixture of Strumstick and Harp, just to show you the idea of how you can combine various racks into unique and creative instruments.
• Nylon Pluck – hybrid pluck with an oriental vibe.
• Hybrid Viola – classic viola with a touch of amplitude modulation that makes it sound in a new way.
• Temple – full and rich sounding rack for cinematic or regular productions.
• Viola Noir – dark and dramatic viola rack.
• Static Atmosphere FX – industrial and experimental texture instrument more suitable for cinematic or even techno productions.
• Vinyl Orchestra – cello with creative turntable style effect, perfect for intros and breakdowns.
• Ensemble – big orchestra at your fingertips. This rack is an example of how you can layer various instruments from the pack to get a powerful and even epic orchestral sound.
• Outer Space – spacey string pad with pseudo phaser effect.
• Violin VHS – nostalgic and moody violin with a touch of lo fi vibes.
• LFO Rider – modulated strings for more experimental or cinematic productions.
• Evolving Violin – evolving and dramatic cinematic string pad.
• Space Pad – cinematic pad instrument.
• Dance Pizzicato – perfect pizzicato strings for your pop and dance music productions.


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