FOUNDATION : Brass Ableton Racks & Projects + Sylenth1 Presets [FREE]

FOUNDATION : Brass Ableton Racks

FREE | 03 May 2022 | 229 MB

FOUNDATION: BRASS features a collection of multi-sampled brass instruments recreated as an Ableton Live instrument racks. This pack includes the following instruments: French Horn, Trumpet, Tuba and Trombone.

Each instrument features several racks with articulations like sustain, vibrato, and staccato. To make them sound more realistic, most of the racks have 2+ velocity layers.

In addition to the “clean” instruments, we also included 16 additional presets (instrument racks) with advanced processing and layering to provide you with some genre-specific and ready to use brass instruments.

What’s inside?
• Horn – staccato, sustain, mute (soft / hard keyswitch) racks.
• Trumpet – staccato, harmon mute sustain, sustain (normal / vibrato keyswitch) racks.
• Tuba – staccato and sustain racks.
• Trombone – staccato and sustain (normal / vibrato keyswitch) racks.
• ZooYa – inspiring 80’s flavored brass instrument.
• Horn Mute – processed and ready to use muted horn.
• Full Brass Sustain – big brass ensemble.
• Epic Horn Sustain – perfect horn for cinematic productions.
• Shiny Trumpet Staccato – bright ready-to-use trumpet for Pop and R&B productions.
• Trombone Power Staccato – huge sounding brass instrument for Trap, Hip Hop and Dance music.
• Hybrid Trumpet – staccato trumpet that we mixed with violin to give it richer fuller tone.
• Hybrid Horn – staccato horn mixed with cello for a fuller sound.
• Brass Ensemble Staccato – big sounding mixture of horn and trumpet.
• Dune Brass – dark modulated brass for experimental or cinematic productions.
• Dub Trumpet – ready to use trumpet for dub-infused productions.
• Old Trumpet – emulation of trumpet played from an old tape or phonograph.
• Duck Players – heavily processed trombone inspired by one of the Bingo Players tracks.
• Electoboe – French horn that we turned into an oboe-sounding instrument.
• Horn Full Staccato – modified horn with fuller and warmer sound.
• Brass Quintet – five-piece brass ensemble with rich, big and wide sound.

Special thanks to Versilian Studios for amazing samples!


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