Fast Track Vocals From Conception To Completion TUTORiAL

Fast Track Vocals TUTORiAL

17 May 2022 | 3.91 GB

I’ve been a vocalist my entire life and I’m thrilled to be your guide throughout this Fast Track.

You may know me from the bands I’ve fronted, The Contortionist and Last Chance To Reason.

I’ve been tracked by various talented and not so talented producers and, have quite a bit of experience being under the red light. I also engineer many of my own vocal tracks for pre-production, as well as many of the final tracks.

You want to know what I think makes the biggest difference between vocal producers? Their attention to detail, understanding of who they’re working with, sensitivity to the bigger picture goals of the project, and of course, those with an ever expanding library of vocal production techniques.

The reason I made this Fast Track is because like it or not, vocals are the make it or break it element of every non-instrumental modern record. I hear so many vocals that could have translated better if only the producer took the time to acquire certain skills and understanding…

Skills and understanding I’m going to cover in this Fast Track! From pre-pro, to harmonies and post effects and everything in between, I aim to give you a guide to winning over vocalists in the studio, and how to get the most out of them.


Let’s get started!

Michael Lessard
The Contortionist, Last Chance To Reason


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