Eris Max for Live devices for creative sample manipulation

Eris Max for Live devices for creative sample manipulation

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Max for Live devices for creative sample manipulation

Eris is a collection of five Max for Live devices oriented towards the manipulation of samples and loops in creative and unusual ways.

The devices currently featured are:

Surgery: an extreme sample manipulation tool, where you can split an audio file in up to 1000 parts and then play and manipulate them in different ways. Whether you want to split a drum loop or work with complex long soundscapes, the possibility of this device are endless.

TheLeader: not yet another simple sampler, but a polyphonic sampler with some twists: you can load three different samples, with the second and third ones following the duration of the first and interacting with it in different ways. Try it with very different samples (in length and timbre) for wild effects.

ChaosRack: a step sequencer and sample rack where the sample selection for each step is decided by the output of a chaotic map. Use this for unpredictable rhythms or sample sequences!

Quadr: four slices of sound, moving across the sample in different ways and with different speeds. It can lead to very different results, from noisy glitches to more recognizable outcomes.

Fragscape: a tiny device that creates granular and jagged textures from parts of a sample.

Some sounds made using Eris devices only:

Eris needs Ableton Live Suite (tested on versions 10 and 11) or Standard with Max for Live addon to work. The devices can be used in Max/MSP 8, too, but some features may be unavailable outside Live. Both Windows and OSX are supported.


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