EQ & Compression with Jay-J TUTORiAL

EQ & Compression TUTORiAL

1 December 2022 | 1.74 GB

Are you freaked out by frequencies? Distracted by dynamics? Get comfortable with EQ and Compression in just five days by diving into all the settings and techniques you need to know to conquer these indispensable tools. Taught by Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Jay-J, this course is a comprehensive guide to two of the most widely used tools in music production.

A common goal of music producers and engineers alike is to be able to hear a sound and know how to improve it – perhaps by picturing a particular EQ or Compression setting. While this is ideal, most of us tend to haphazardly fiddle until things sound all right. In this course, we will move from guesswork to intention by learning not only about the tools themselves but their applications in the real world.

EQ tips and tricks such as;

how to create a focused and clear low end

go-to frequency removal areas for a better mix

how to obtain a bright (but not harsh!) high end

mid/side EQ techniques

And compression techniques such as;

common compression settings and practices

parallel compression

achieving a more “analog” sounding mix

sidechain compression

multiband compression


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