DSP/FX Virtual Pack v6.2 Incl.Keygen-ROR

DSP/FX Virtual Pack v6.2 ROR

ROR | 14 November 2003 | WinALL | 4,2 MB

The DSP/FX Virtual Pack plug-ins are designed to greatly enhance the level of functionality of your Digital Audio Workstation program by providing world-class real-time effects processing totally in software.

The Virtual Pack algorithms deliver audio quality that equals or exceeds that of the finest rack-mount effects processing units, and their intuitive graphic user interfaces makes them exceptionally easy to learn and operate. The DSP?FX Virtual Pack includes both DirectX versions that plug-in to most PC Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) programs, as well as a stand-alone version that can be used to directly process and re-record .WAV files without the use of additional DAW software.

The standalone version can also be used to directly process the live stereo inputs of your soundcard and send the processed signal to your soundcard stereo outputs. The Virtual Pack also includes special versions of the plug-ins that work directly with the SAW32 and SAW32 Plus, and SAWPro DAW products.

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