Diode Amplifier v4.1.0 VST3 AU WiN macOS [FREE]

Diode Amplifier v4.1.0 WiN macOS [FREE]

FREE | 6 June 2022 | 41 MB

I’ve added some functionality that makes using the amp much easier to use and extend.

– When the cab is off, the volume of the direct signal goes down dramatically to not blow your ears out.

– You can now load your own cab IR which the plugin will save. If the IR you loaded gets moved or deleted, it will default to the built in IR when you open the plugin again. The file chooser will also remember the last folder you used to select an IR.

– The high tone knob now defaults at 12 o’clock

– Reset IR button will load the default IR into the amp

I’ve updated the Diode Amplifier with some cool features!

– Updated UI to be consistent with my other styles.

– Bright button that toggles a peak filter around 4kHz on and off. Some people liked the filter and some did not, so now you can choose!

– Cab button to turn off the speaker emulation so you can use your own.

– Optimized DSP to less CPU usage.


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