Demucs v4 WiN MacOSX Text Guide FREE

Demucs v4 WiN MacOSX Text Guide FREE

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A state-of-the-art music source separation software for your Mac and Windows machine

Welcome to the future 

Released in 16/11/2022, it is currently the best algorithm for music source separation

It runs locally on your GPU (graphics card) or CPU

The version 4 consists of 3 models:
– htdemucs => default, splits in 4 sources (bass + drums + vocal + other)
– htdemucs_ft => the best one in terms of quality, but it takes 4 times longer than the “htdemucs” model
– htdemucs_6s => experimental, same quality as the “htdemucs” model, but splits in 6 sources (bass + drums + guitar + piano + vocal + other)

This guide will teach you how to install Demucs in your machine, step-by-step
It was specially made for the AudioZ community!

– Windows 7/8/10/11
– MacOS 10.10+



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