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Practice Plan for Singers TUTORiAL

FANTASTiC | 03 May 2022 | 394 MB

Welcome! This tutorial is for intermediate or advanced singers, with exercises that require agility and vocal control. If you’re new to singing, or just want to brush up on the basics, try my daily routine for beginners first!

A few reminders and frequently asked questions before we begin.

Q: How often should I practice, and for how long?
A: For singers of all levels, daily practice is best. So as long as you’re feeling healthy, make it your goal to sing every day. For a regular practice session, set aside about 20-30 minutes, and feel free to gradually increase as you build stamina.

Q: When and where should I practice?
A: Practice at the time of day that your voice is feeling the best. Choose a spot that (ideally) gives you privacy to make some noise, good acoustics to hear yourself, room to stand or move around, and consider practicing by a mirror.

Last Q: What if I’m sick?
A: Give your voice and body the rest it needs to recover! If you’re dealing with a sore throat for an extended time, keep that progress going by instead doing some active listening on your down time.

About this tutorial: Part 1 is your basic warm up – five exercises that are gentle on the voice and great for warming up before more challenging stuff. Part 2 is skills growth – an additional seven exercises for you to choose from, depending on your goals and timeframe for that day. And part 3 is song work and/or ear training. Let’s get started!


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