Creative Effects Processing with GUITAR RIG TUTORiAL


18 February 2023 | 219 MB

If you’re growing tired with the same old sounds, effects, and plugins, maybe it’s time to mix it up! In this video course, recording expert Thomas Cochran will teach you many creative ways to use Native Instruments’ GUITAR RIG plugin in your productions on all kinds of sources, from drums and loops to synths and more. Get experimental and have some fun learning how to achieve new, innovative tones with unorthodox methods! These videos are for users with a basic familiarity of GUITAR RIG and routing in your DAW.

Thomas begins by showing you how to process vintage acoustic drums with various tools in GUITAR RIG 6 – both as a full kit and individual pieces. Then discover how you can make use of the many amp and mic models within the plugin to help add character to percussion loops and really bring them to life.

Explore the creative possibilities of using multi-band processors in GUITAR RIG to help invigorate an 808 kick sound next, followed by a demonstration of adding movement and width to classic drum machine sounds by way of GUITAR RIG’s modulators and stereo wideners.

Plenty of other tips follow, such as using pitch shifting pedals (for creating rich, thick reverbs on synth patches), creating lush pads with various effects, advanced modulation with LFOs (for adding complex modulations to synths and other instruments), and more!

GUITAR RIG is not just for guitars anymore! You’ll have a blast in this course learning how to coax inspiring sounds from unconventional sources, and you’ll be creating something singularly unique in the process! See the individual GUITAR RIG video descriptions for more information on the contents of each tutorial. Why settle for the same old same old? Watch “Creative Effects Processing with GUITAR RIG” today!

What You Will Learn:

– Mixing, enhancing, and polishing different types of drum sounds (loops, drum machines, acoustic drums) with various tools in GUITAR RIG.

– Shaping different sounds (808 kick, percussion loops, etc.) by way of various amp and mic models in GUITAR RIG.

– Creating lush, thick reverbs and pads with pitch shifting pedals and adding modulation and movement with internal LFOs.

– Employing the Reso-Chord feature to build chords and other melodic elements from a kick drum or other sources for completely new textures.

– And more!


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