Combo X-705 v1.0.1-DECiBEL

Combo X-705 v1.0.1

DECiBEL | 02 Apr 2022 | 376.4 MB

As the 1970s were about to give way to the synthpop era of the 1980s, and the hefty organs of old finally gave way to stacks of lightweight plastic synthezisers-thus saving the backs of roadies the world over-Italian keyboard-maker Elka introduced what is undoubtedly the last of the classic transistor organs: the magnificent X~705 Space Organ!

Featuring a full 9-drawbar Hammond clone plus five percussion footages, it featured a bass section, polyphonic brass and monophonic synth presets, with envelope and a resonant filter, an old-skool drum machine and most importantly, Elka’s fabulous top-of-the-range Rhapsody 610 String Ensemble, one of the finest, smoothest sounding string machines ever made. And it was a dual manual, so it had two of them!

Exclusive to Reason, this new addition to Jiggery-Pokery’s highly regarded Retro Organs collection brings all these great 70s tones to your Rack at the touch of a button, and without the need to engage a pair of broad-shouldered roadies and a large van to move it from gig to gig.

– Lovely String Ensemble and Hammond Clone
– Spacey Synthesizer Presets
– Strong Magnetic Fields


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