Channel Strip Collection v1.0.11-R2R

Channel Strip Collection v1.0.11-R2R

Team R2R | 2022.10.08 | 14 MB

The new PreSonus Channel Strip Collection for Studio One Artist and Professional provides a unique way to add tasteful depth and color to your tracks and mixes without leaving the box. Included in the collection are the RC500 and VT1 modeled channel strip plug-ins. RC500 is modeled after the PreSonus RC500 FET Channel Strip. VT1 is a modeled on a high-end tube channel strip. In addition, the free standalone VU Meter plug-in is made from the same components used in the Channel Strip Collection.

The compressors and EQs on the RC500 and VT1 Channel Strips have been engineered to provide musically tasteful results, even at extreme settings. They starkly contrast from more analytical sounding plug-ins on the market today, designed purely based on physical aspects. The VT1 adds natural, warm tube sound with some of the best vacuum tube emulation available today. And the RC500 delivers the outstanding sound of a solid state channel strip with a vintage vibe, reminiscent of classic high-end products.

Channel Strip Collection

The New Realism of State Space Modeling

The incredible, true-to-life sound of the RC500 and VT1 were realized through State Space Modeling, a proprietary, sophisticated, and groundbreaking physical modeling technique developed by PreSonus. The State Space approach drills down to the system topology (namely the complete schematic) and recognizes the circuit as a set of discrete differential equations.

The involved non-linear circuit elements are modeled meticulously down to the component level in order to include all those “dirt-effects” that make the analog original sound so good: bias shifts, time dependencies, saturations. The resulting DSP code is then CPU optimized for maximum efficiency while taking advantage of Studio One’s superior sound quality. This progressive technique enables us to create perfect virtual models of even complex audio hardware.

Compatible with Studio One 2.6.5 and higher. Artist and Professional

PreSonus RC500

Modeled after the PreSonus RC500 Channel Strip
Combines FET based compressor with semi-parametric equalizer
Independent bypass (Comp / EQ)
Analog VU meter, switchable from output level to gain reduction metering
Custom micro view for Studio One mix console

PreSonus VT1

Virtual high-end tube channel strip
Combines a modeled Class A tube preamp with FET based compressor and semi-parametric equalizer
Independent bypass (Comp / EQ)
Analog VU meter, switchable from input level to gain reduction metering
Dedicated output level bar meter
Custom micro view for Studio One mix console

Channel Strip Collection (1.0.5)
– performance improvements (“remarkable speedup!”)
– rendering of multiple events has been fixed
– Studio One 3.3.2+ is required for this update.


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