Blues Rhythm Guitar for Beginners 2 Tutorial

Guitar for Beginners 2 Tutorial

6 Feb 2022 | 4.78 GB

Learn More Blues Chords, Rhythms, Progressions and Riffs
In Module 1 of Jeff McErlain’s Blues Rhythm Guitar for Beginners, you learned the fundamental building blocks for playing blues rhythm guitar.

Here in Module 2, Jeff takes your blues rhythm skills to the next level with more strumming patterns, moveable barre chords, and additional essential techniques such as double-stops, muting, and rhythm dynamics.

You will play your way through the entire course, which is what makes Jeff’s contextual, hands-on approach so effective — you don’t have to read music, learn tedious theory, or struggle through boring exercises.

”In the first module, you learned a few strumming patterns, your first turnaround, the boogie woogie riff, and started developing your blues technique with muting, picking approaches, hammer-ons and pull-offs.

In this second module, we’re going to take your blues rhythm chops to the next level by learning how to play what you already know in the key of E, which is one of the most popular keys for the blues.

You’ll learn more rhythm patterns and I’ll show you the most important moveable barre chords — you’ll be able to play the blues in any key! I’ll also show you one of the most useful movable chords for playing the blues — the dominant 9th chord.

You’ll learn how to play a minor blues and a slow blues with a 12/8 feel. Along the way, we’ll work on more techniques such as rhythm dynamics, double-stops, and sliding chords.

Just like we did in Module 1, each lesson series begins with an overview and demonstration. We’ll practice everything together using slow practice playalongs and then you’ll put your new skills to work by playing over full-band backing tracks for a real world musical context.

Using TrueFire’s learning tools, you can slow down and loop any of the video lessons to learn at your own pace.”

Each lesson set includes an overview, demonstration, slow practice playalong, and a performance study using a blues backing track for real-world musical context.

You’ll get standard notation and tabs for all of the lessons. Plus, you’ll be able to use TrueFire’s learning tools to sync the tab and notation to the video lesson.

You can also loop or slow down the videos so that you can work with the lessons at your own pace. All of the backing tracks are included to work with on your own as well.

Grab your guitar and let’s take our rhythm chops to the next level with Jeff McErlain!


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