Blackpole Station v1.2.2-DECiBEL

Blackpole Station v1.2.2

DECiBEL | 29 Mar 2022 | 557.4MB

Blackpole Station is a new polyphonic synthesizer for Reason Propellerhead. Based on 68 waveforms in 5 oscillators (plus three sub-oscillators with 7 detuned saw and square waveforms). Now also containing 4 ROMs. Breaking this down in addition to a separate noise and ring oscillators we have included three main audio sources that can be classic analog oscillators or digital waveforms, one of which is for dedicated sub audio. Each of these main audio sources has a secondary X7 oscillator for blending in weight and energy. This is a deep system of OSCs, Filters, LFOs, Envelopes, Effects and other elements of synthesizer that we have named Blackpole Station.

Sounds Deeper than a Black Hole and cleaner than ice of the North Pole..

Now new 2nd ROM and 2 Hybrid ROMs !

– Sounds Deeper than BlackHole
– Now new 2nd ROM and 2 Hybrid ROMs
– 68 waveforms in 5 osc (plus 3 sub-oscillators)


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