BEAT Magazine – Issue 205, February 2023 PDF

BEAT Magazine February 2023 PDF

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BEAT 02/23: MUSIC THEORY – Learn playing notes in 2 hours
What if you could save yourself the frustration of pushing notes and bring tremendous emotion to the song in a much more purposeful way? Hello music theory! In our deep dive, you‘ll learn everything you need to know about pitches and scales, how to find chords for hit-making melodies, and get tools to make your musical life easier in just two hours. Free for BEAT readers, of course!

Free with BEAT #205: Let your drums & bass smack with Lifeline Expanse Lite

Five great-sounding effects are waiting to enhance your tracks in this month‘s software highlight, Lifeline Expanse Lite. With the modules Format, Dirt, Re-Amp, Width and Space, this plug-in from Excite Audio masters a wide range of effects between subtle enhancement and brutal distortion, charming vintage sounds and convincing room simulations.

BEAT Podcast: Jean-Michel Jarre talking about his album and Dolby Atmos

In the 3×3 Podcast, Tobias Fischer asks exciting producers to talk in depth. This episode is about Jean-Michel Jarre‘s new work „Oxymore“ and the unexpected potentials that arise when composing in three-dimensional space.

Hands-on: Your TikTok remix in 6 steps

While Vinyl and Sample CDs used to be the main sources of inspiration, nowadays Tracklib and Splice play the leading roles in sampling. And let‘s not forget social media like Instagram and TikTok, both of which are overflowing with song demos, remixes and mashups that often lead to flourishing co-ops. You‘ll soon find out how to do this with Reason and which pitfalls you should be watch out for.

Test: Arturia MiniFreak – Now with MS-20 filter and as a plug-in

6-voice polyphony, „normal“ keyboard and built-in effects distinguish the MiniFreak from its smaller counterpart, the MicroFreak. What practical added value this has and what you have to do without compared to the MicroFreak, you will find out in our test.

76 enchanting harps & cinematic textures: Grand Harp for Zampler & Akai MPC

In classical music, they are an indispensable element and in blockbusters they usually underpin magical and fantastic scenes, but they also have their firm – albeit most often discreetly – place in electronic music, in numerous House and Pop hits. We want to expand that! Therefore, in our soundbank, you will find classical and Celtic harps on the one hand and otherworldly variants, which we have prepared with resampling and bitcrushers especially for Techno, on the other hand.


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